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Different Types Of Residential Locks: Choose The One You Need The Most

Choosing the lock for your home or office requires a lot of knowledge about different Residential Locks and understanding your own requirements.

Residential Locks Melbourne

To ease off your worries, we present you a small guide about different types of Residential Locks that you can install.

1)     Deadbolt Locks:

These locks are arguably the most used Residential Locks all around the globe for residential needs. The deadbolt locks come in many types but the most famous ones are single cylinder deadbolts and the double cylinder deadbolts. The single cylinder ones have a keyhole on the external side of the lock while the double cylinder has it on the both sides, so there is an added safety measure in the latter one.

However, double cylinder deadbolts are said to be riskier in residential settings in case of emergencies because you got to have a key to open it. They are used in an office setting because they tend to decrease the rate of robberies.

2)     Door Knob Locks:

More commonly used for internal purposes such as rooms, toilets, etc, these locks are quite easy to operate as they don’t require a key unless you lock them from inside. People rarely use these locks for main doors, however, shopkeepers tend to use doorknobs if they aren’t selling any valuables and they have number of customers coming in and out.

3)     Cylindrical lever locks:

Similar to the doorknobs, cylindrical levers are NOT to be used for security purposes. These are commonly used inside the houses or inside the offices as well, for example, used in a room inside the office, or the room inside your house. Their look and feel is vintage compared to the doorknobs but they require more space. These locks are easy to operate and they open easily unless you lock them specifically with a key. Hence, they are not recommended for main doors.

4)     Electronic and smart locks:

These two are different kind of locks. Smart lock has to receive a specific set of instructions from an authorised device in order for it to be locked and unlocked. In contrast, electronic locks do not depend on wireless communications for the lock to be engaged, they merely depend on the assistance of an electric current to be locked or unlocked. These locks do have some vulnerability such as you can’t operate them without power supply etc.

These are some of the most used locks on the planet, there are many other type of locks that should be mentioned such as: Mortise locks, Euro cylinder locks (commonly used in Europe), padlocks, and cam locks.

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